Journal of Building Material and Structural Engineering.

Volume1,July 2017,

Topic : Mechanical and Dynamical Properties of Rubber Concrete

Authors:Camille A. Issa || Nagib N. Gerges, Samer Fawaz

Abstract:This paper reports on an experimental study to explore the effect of using recycled rubber powder as an alternate fine aggregate in concrete mixes. Natural sand was partially replaced by 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% in concrete mixes. Physical properties like density, compressive strength, concrete fresh properties, split-tension, and impact load capacity are studied. Results showed a decrease in the compressive strength of concrete cylinders containing rubber. The dynamic performance of rubber concrete is important because of its highly resilient nature; rubber particles included in concrete have a positive effect on the dynamic performance. Conclusions derived from this research implicate potential applications where rubberized concrete can be used efficiently. Even tough rubberized concrete mixture generally has a reduced compressive strength that may limit its use in certain structural applications, it possesses a number of desirable properties, such as lower density, higher toughness, and higher impact resistance compared to conventional concrete. .

Keywords: Rubberized Concrete; Compressive Strength; Splitting Tensile Strength; Impact Load.

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